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Funemployment? Not always!

May 20, 2010

I am currently in a love/hate relationship with my daily life. You see, two months ago I quit my job to move cross country with Mr. L. When I made this decision, I knew that would mean that I was taking a risk – a risk that I would be unemployed for a little bit.  The truth is, I was okay with this reality because I knew I would need to time to find a place to live and to get settled into my new home. And for the past two months that’s what I have done and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I mean what’s not to love: I love waking up and not being rushed to get out the door in an hour. I love being free to hit the gym any time of the day. I love cleaning the house a little bit each day rather than in a 3 hour period on my Saturday. Actually, I love having all my errands done before the weekend! Now, I actually enjoy the weekend. I also  love taking a nap when I am tired or reading a book outside on a nice afternoon. Heck, I love eating dinner before 9pm. I could go on…

But, this life of unemployment is not glamorous as I thought. You see, when we moved cross country, we got rid of our second car. This leaves me at home, stranded without a car. Yes, I could take a bus to places BUT I also forgot that I have no paycheck. So, no car and no money = no life and lots of boredom. And here I am, hating every minute of my unemployment but also terrified to give up my life of freedom.

I wish there was someway to strike a balance between the two.  Oh well. Until then I will continue to love and hate my (f)unemployment.

(Sorry, I just needed to vent a little.)


Hate It: Silicon Valley

April 21, 2010

I haven’t been around in a long time, I realize that.  But my displeasure for this particular area of the country is so ungodly deep, I had to come back just to complain about it.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I do not by any means dislike the entire Bay Area.  The Bay Area is beautiful–mountains, crazy trees, incredible layers of fog that float in and out of giant bodies of water.  But there is one particular section of the Bay Area that has driven me to such insanity, I’m running back to San Diego screaming.  (That’s beside the point, though–I mean, who wouldn’t run back to San Diego).  Anyhow, that area is Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is like an alternate universe.  One giant street runs through it – El Camino Real.  If ever there was a poster child for urban sprawl, this road is it.  Drive along it and you’ll see an innumerable number of asian restaurants–from Thai to Chinese, Vietnamese to Japanese…you name it and you’ll find one of each on every corner. In addition, the area is incredibly flat.  Although mountains are visible in the near distance, not a hill nor dip can be found in Silicon Valley.  Rather, you’ll drive along areas of landfill (also known as Mountain View and Milipitas).  Where once was marsh now lies office buildings full of techies and really, really bad stretches of freeway.

Which leads me to my next point.  The people here are incredibly smart…but not in a good way.  They live to work rather than work to live.  Life literally equals work.  Feel like getting a drink with friends? GOOD LUCK!!!!  If you’re lucky enough to have friends, you’ll be blessed to find some sorry ass place that’s open til 9 and serves alcohol.  It’ll be empty though, because no one bothers to socialize.  Food?  Better want asian food because you’re sh!t out of luck if you’re in the mood for anything else.  I’ve  also seen more people here eating alone than ever in my life.   And try talking to someone about pop culture.  Mention Lindsay Lohan’s latest mishap and they’ll look at you like your eyes just fell out of your head.  Talk about the latest Apple rumors though, and you’re the life of the “party” (i.e. the gathering of people who works til 10:30pm every night because it’s “fun”.)

When someone is willing to talk, it’s usually about their job at <insert big tech company here> doing <insert extremely boring, nonsensical gibberish here> and how confident they are that their stock options are going to buy them a house.  Please.  Either that or they’re telling you about whatever insanely boring company they’ve started up that week, and how it’s going to sell and make them piles of cash.    Look, buddy.  No one cares.  We all want to find our cash cow but we certainly don’t want to hear about your lame attempt at making one.  Leave me alone!

I could go on about the incredibly bad driving, but I’ll try not to (i.e. slow, weaving in and out of traffic as though blind, hybrid cars sputtering along because they’re trying to maximize gas efficiency, etc.)  One of my greatest pleasures while living here was roaring around them at 75 mph in my SUV.  Suck on THAT nerds!

Lucky for me, I managed to live in the outskirts of these low-lying, freakish areas and only had to be exposed to it during work hours.  I spent as much time enjoying CALIFORNIA as opposed to Silicon Valley as possible…as in the ocean, the mountains, the sun…those things that make the REST of the Bay Area amazing.  None the less, any exposure to SV is too much.  So, Silicon Valley?  Hate it.

Strangest Christmas Gift Ever…

January 7, 2010

“You’re not getting any younger”… “You’ve been together for years!” … “You know your grandparents might not be around much longer”…”When will I be a grandmother/aunt/uncle/etc?”

Have you ever heard these sentiments from your family? Well, I have!  These are the comments and questions that surround me now that people have decided that it’s time for me to have a baby.

Yep, they have decided that it’s the right time for me.   Hmm, that doesn’t sound right.  With all the factors to consider when it comes to starting a family, isn’t it hard enough without the outside pressure of our nearest and dearest?

For instance, every Christmas, my dad gives me and my sister a special gift.  The gift is usually something special like a piece of jewelery.  So, imagine my excitement when I opened this year’s gift.  The box was small and slender.  It was wrapped beautifully.  I tore into it and pulled out a pregnancy test. Yes, that’s right–my father bought me a pregnancy test and then instructed me to go take it. Yikes!

How do you (or did you) deal with baby pressures? Should we just grin and bear it?

Hate it…


December 8, 2009
Side Note:  Since I am the only one who writes on here, I am reformatting my post titles.  They will probably all kill me for breaking the rules, but hey…I never really did follow them anyway.  You’ll still be able to tell whether I love something or hate it, trust me.  It was just getting a little redundant.  You can all yell at me later, and I’ll happily switch back when I’m not the sole LiHi editor 🙂

Anyhow, there is something insanely comforting about a candy cane.  I mean honestly, they aren’t THAT delicious, but they conjure images of being tiny and curled up  next to a roaring fire with the Christmas tree not far away…at least, they do for me.  And don’t even try to compare candy canes to those nasty mints you get in the chinese restaurant down the street.  It’s just not the same.

Anyhow, since i’m no longer tiny, I’ve moved on to the adult version of a candy cane…peppermint bark.  YUM. (Wait…this is probably a contributing factor as to why I am no longer tiny.  Anyhow.)  Who doesn’t love a gigantic hunk of chocolate coated in white chocolate coated in shards of candy canes?  I mean, seriously.  Chocolate + More Chocolate + Peppermint = GLORY.

S. informed me yesterday that Trader Joe’s has a pretty decent version of peppermint bark, so I stopped in this morning at 8am on my way to work from bootcamp.  YES I STOPPED TO GET EXTREMELY FATTENING CANDY AFTER WORKING MY ASS OUT.  Sue me if you don’t like it!  It did the job…it was delicious, however, I am still on a hunt to find the perfect peppermint bark.  Perhaps I’ll try to make it at home.  PERHAPS.

I leave you with a mouthwatering image:

Hate It: The Mall

November 19, 2009

The Mall (both words capitalized, on purpose, because The Mall deserves it for being larger than…well…just large.) is one of the worst places on earth.  If someone wanted to torture me, all they’d have to do is stick me in a gated Mall parking lot, force me to look for parking, and then lock me inside The actual Mall for hours on end.  I cannot think of a worse fate than being shoved back and forth between pre-teens who think they are baby prostitutes and slow-walking mothers/men/kids/nanas who inexplicably weave back and forth across the aisles, completely blocking your pathway.  (I mean seriously, do you ever notice that?  People are always just stepping directly into the flow of traffic at the most inopportune times, or holding giant communal conversations in the middle of the walkway).

Anyhow, it’s that time of year–people come crawling out of the woodwork perusing The Mall for that perfect gift for friends and family for Christmas.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  The Mall can come in handy for those last minute gifts, or when you need a dress or bathing suit and just have to try it on. (However, I highly recommend staying within the confines of The Department Store in these situations.)  But to stroll the mall for HOURS ON END is simply unnecessary.  It conjures images of young people with huge bangs, snapping their gum with the smell of hairspray wafting behind.

So, what do I do, you ask?  It’s simple.  See that little rectangular glowing thingy I’m patiently typing this blog post out on?  That’s a computer, and if you’re lucky, it’s connected to The Internet.  Internet Shopping haseverything that The Mall doesn’t.  It’s fast.  It’s not crowded.  It allows you to stay seated and shop from anywhere.  No parking required.  No smelly foods wafting, no giant crowds blocking your path, no strange kiosk salesperson shouting and spraying lotion on you against your will.  Just you, the merchandise, and your credit card.

And so, there it is.  I hate The Mall.  I love The Internet.  The Internet > The Mall.  Enough said.

Love It: Yogamatic

November 3, 2009

I have been taking an outdoor bootcamp class for the last…wow…almost 4 years (you’d think I’d look better than I do, right?  I like food.  And my couch).  Annnnyhow, part of being in my class involves laying on the dirty, sometimes wet grass/track/floor/sidewalk/dirt etc.  I have been using the SAME.  FREAKING.  YOGA.  MAT. for four years.  NO JOKE.  As you might imagine, it looks like hell.

Today, came to my attention.

I am in love.

Although pricey ($85 a pop!!! For a YOGA MAT), these mats are so vibrant and fun, and, at least I hope, excellent quality.  The best part?  You can CUSTOMIZE YOUR MAT with your own photo.  Check out some of my favorites:

donut_ym_0033_SecondBigPicture Peacock_ym_0244_SecondBigPicture copy ym_0055ym_0063ym_0094tealight_ym_0024_SecondBigPicture ym_0058

Hate It: Fall Back

October 29, 2009

WTF is up with the United States having to “Fall Back”?  Is winter not depressing enough already?  Seriously, we have to make it get dark EVEN EARLIER than it already does?  In most states there isn’t even enough sunshine to constitute it being called “daytime” in the winter–it’s like an extended, bright nighttime.  I’m lucky because I live in one of the sunniest places in the US, but all cannot have it as such.  For example, almost two years ago I lived in Chicago.  (Seriously?  Two years already?) between the months of February and June. I am willing to state that I saw the sun MAYBE 25 days in that time period.  And on the days I did see the sun, it was short lived, it probably hailed/snowed buckets at some point that day, and it got dark at 4pm.  I also took a trip during that time period to Florida.  Upon sitting outside in the sun for exactly one hour, both of my olive-toned, never-ever-burn, high-tolerance to sun camel arms were burnt to a crisp.  I distinctly remember sporting some horrendous tshirt tan for the remainder of that year.


In addition to the dark being downright depressing, it also hampers my life in others way.  I have to leave work and by 5pm need a flashlight to find my car.  My bootcamp class has to work out under the giant track lights or else we’d probably break our necks in the dark–no running around campus in the winter!  I am completely unmotivated to move when it is pitch black out.  The only thing I’m motivated to do is eat cake and sit on my couch (wait…that might be how it is all the time).

Anyway, as the fateful “Fall Back” is upon us, let us all pay homage to the sun.  You may not see it for a looong while.