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Meet the Girls Behind Love it/Hate it

We’re five friends from around the country that have a whole lot of opinions to share. From fashion to fitness, food, celebs and beyond, find out what drives the LiHi girls nuts and what makes them gush!

Meet L.

L. is a PR executive who loves coming home to her husband and their adorable pups. Having lived in California for over 8 years, L. is excited to finally be back on the East Coast where there’s no place like home.  A self-proclaimed magazine and reality tv junkie, she devours any glossy publication that crosses her desk and loves sharing interesting finds with everyone around her – including the good, the bad and the heinously ugly.

Loves it!
Accessories (especially shoes and bags!); Reality TV (the trashier the better); Spinning; Travel; Chocolate Chip or Oreo Anything; USC Football; Hot Pink; Flip Flops; Sangria

Hates it!
Distracted People; Calories; iPhone Snobs; Basketball; Olives

Meet T.

T. is a girl who loves to hate.  Always ready to whip out a snarky comment, she thrives on celeb gossip, fabulous and not-so-fabulous fashion and general mind-boggling behavior.  She has a softer side (but it has nothing to do with Sears), and actually really loves her great friends, great clothes, finding great deals, secret places in tourist destinations and beautiful hotels.  You only live once–why waste it sitting inside?  T. likes to get out and live life.

Loves it!
The way you feel after a workout; Sleeping; Gorgeous, perfectly-cut clothing with a unique, simple edge; Fresh fish cooked absolutely perfectly; A new eye shadow palette; An amazing bargain; The beach; The ocean; Nature; Huge thunderstorms; Wine; Food, food and more food.  And sweets!

Hates it!
The way you feel while working out; Waking up super early; Slow drivers; Urban sprawl; Mexican food; Takeoff and landing in an airplane; Ants; Being trapped inside against her will.

Meet E.

A single girl who still manages to be a hopeless romantic, E. moved to the Bay from her native San Diego to pursue a career in marketing. When she’s not at work, she spends a majority of her time on the tennis court, in the dance studio or on her yoga mat. She’s as sweet as can be, but is never afraid to stand up for her friends, tiny animals or the things she believes in.

Loves it!
Puppies; Paisley; Tennis; Headbands; DVR; Texting; Starbucks Mochas; Line Dancing; Ballet; Hip Hop; Salsa; The San Diego Chargers; Hydrangeas; Cuddling; New York City; Chick Lit; Chick Flicks; Being Girly

Hates it!
Rudeness; Confrontation; Boy Movies; Learning New Languages; Suck Ups; Being Told Not to Do Something; Slackers; Snobs

Meet K.

K. is proud to be a single girl making her own way. A writer with a passion for good grammar and alliteration, K. revels in style guides, crossword puzzles and word games. She’s become a nomad in recent years, making travel one of her greatest passions and serious commitment one of her greatest fears. She likes to think she’s witty and aloof, but her close friends know she still tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Loves it!
Punctuation; Running; Travel; The Beach; Dancing; Reading; Cooking; Board Games; Farmer’s Markets; Classic Jazz; The San Diego Chargers; Audrey, Katharine, Cary, Jimmy and Julie (and all of their films!); Witty Repartee; Cheese; Blueberry Bagels

Hates it!
Messy Apartments; Rodents; Frenemies; Wasted Potential; Corn; Sugary Drinks; Processed Food; The Word “Aspirational”—the bane of every writer’s existence!

Meet S.

S. is a deal gal who likes calculated risk.  She is an east coaster living on the west coast and a city girl trapped in the suburbs, but is fine with all of that.  Her friends have described her as a tough cookie, but really she cries during Pixar films.  Her favorite word is “grace.”  She knows exactly who she is and does not apologize for it ever.

Loves it!
Parties and get-togethers; Family; Grocery stores; Cooking; Eating; Magazines and design blogs; Beaches; 30 Rock; Cartoons; Running, walking and the Dailey Method; Adventures abroad; Lists; Treats and indulgence; Shiba Inus; Cute stuff—not in that order.

Hates it!
Clowns and magicians; Prank calls; Banana peels in the trash; Rules and administration; Personality-free neighborhoods; People who assume.

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  1. August 11, 2009 5:15 pm

    heh. this is the first blog in ages im actually reading and not skimming! this is amazing x

  2. Patty Niles permalink
    August 20, 2009 8:58 am

    Hi Tara!! LOVE THE BLOG!!! So… do you Love or Hate the new Julianna and Bill show on Style??? I’m addicted!

    • T. permalink*
      August 20, 2009 10:32 pm

      Thanks!!! If you can believe it…I’ve never seen that show. I better get with it!

  3. November 21, 2009 9:14 am

    Hi Girls,

    Just accidentally googled “Love it or Hate it” and come up with your blog. It seems like we’re writing the same blog just in different parts of the world:) Anyway love your bog – keep a good work 🙂

    Love it or Hate it from UK:)


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