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Love It: Celebrity Reality Trash, a Guilty Pleasure

January 26, 2011

I rarely write a post (REALLY rarely, it seems, since it’s been like, 9 months) about something I love.  It’s just not in my nature.  I am intrinsically cynical (Thanks Dad)…although I like to think in the best possible way.  BUT…I couldn’t resist this post.  Now, I get it.  This doesn’t sound smart.  In fact, it probably makes me sound like a complete airhead to say I love this.  But I don’t care! I do.  So bring on your comments (including the random who commented on an older post today with the email address suck@my.cock … classy).  I can take it!

I love…love…LOVE the Kardashian sisters and their celebrity trash reality show…for the following reasons:

  • They are effing hilarious.  I just want to sit down and make prank calls or mock my/their mom with them. All in a loving manner of course. But really, hilarious.
  • Brunette beauties – finally!  I remember growing up I alllllways used to ask my mom who the pretty, famous brunette/middle eastern girls were.  I mean, even my Barbie dolls were blonde…the brunette one was just undesirable.  All she ever had for me was Paula Abdul (fail) or this random Victoria’s Secret model that no one knew.  I was unconvinced that the “exotic” look of the middle eastern was appealing to americans. Thanks, Kim!
  • They don’t care. I mean, seriously…they just don’t care.  Sex tapes, obscene jokes, marriages a week after meeting their husband, babies out of wedlock…you name it.  They just don’t care…in fact they own it.  Bring it!
  • Fashion.  Gorgeous or ugly, you can’t say they don’t show us some pretty outrageous fashion, hair and makeup.  Never a dull moment.

I have a feeling S. and I would fight over the chance to hang out with these ladies.  Too bad S. recently blatantly stole my celebrity BFF…Tina Fey.  You can have her!  I’m taking…all three of these girls!  Love it.

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