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Customer Service?

June 14, 2010

Lately I have been living with a constant headache. This headache is not caused by any physical ailments or illnesses, and it’s not caused from the stress of a job or family drama. This killer headache is caused by the incompetent customer service representatives that keep ruining my day.

Customer “service” – ha! Having just moved into a new home and a new state, I have found myself on the phone with a customer service person almost every day for the past two months. Whether it’s the Massachusetts RMV, which is the most frustrating organization on the face of the planet, or folks at my local utility company,  I am amazed at how consistently UNhelpful these individuals are.

In fact, on the RARE occasion I do come across a helpful person, I am overly thankful and I feel like I should do cartwheels around the room.

So, dear customer service people of the world, please be nice to us folks calling for your help. If we are taking the time out of our day to call you, it is because we have a problem. You are paid to help people like me because you are an expert at what you do. So, please stop giving me a constant headache and be nice!

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