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Funemployment? Not always!

May 20, 2010

I am currently in a love/hate relationship with my daily life. You see, two months ago I quit my job to move cross country with Mr. L. When I made this decision, I knew that would mean that I was taking a risk – a risk that I would be unemployed for a little bit.  The truth is, I was okay with this reality because I knew I would need to time to find a place to live and to get settled into my new home. And for the past two months that’s what I have done and I’ve loved every minute of it.

I mean what’s not to love: I love waking up and not being rushed to get out the door in an hour. I love being free to hit the gym any time of the day. I love cleaning the house a little bit each day rather than in a 3 hour period on my Saturday. Actually, I love having all my errands done before the weekend! Now, I actually enjoy the weekend. I also  love taking a nap when I am tired or reading a book outside on a nice afternoon. Heck, I love eating dinner before 9pm. I could go on…

But, this life of unemployment is not glamorous as I thought. You see, when we moved cross country, we got rid of our second car. This leaves me at home, stranded without a car. Yes, I could take a bus to places BUT I also forgot that I have no paycheck. So, no car and no money = no life and lots of boredom. And here I am, hating every minute of my unemployment but also terrified to give up my life of freedom.

I wish there was someway to strike a balance between the two.  Oh well. Until then I will continue to love and hate my (f)unemployment.

(Sorry, I just needed to vent a little.)

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