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Love It: The Gratitude Challenge Day 5—Be Grateful for What You Have

August 18, 2009

Today’s journal topic is:

“Take five minutes to write a journal entry that gives thank for all of the wonderful things that you already have in your life. Rather than longing for what you don’t possess, take stock of all the blessings you currently enjoy.”

In true LiHi spirit, here’s a list of some of the things I absolutely love and feel grateful for every day:

  • My parents are loving, supportive, still married and both in good health. I can talk to them about anything, and they even patiently put up with me when I’m stressed out beyond belief (a.k.a. a raving lunatic).
  • I’m still best friends with my girls from high school. Time and distance hasn’t changed much—when we all get together, it’s like we are giggly, goofy, carefree 16-year-olds again.
  • I can walk to the public library, the farmer’s market, a vintage movie theater, a gelato shop and Lululemon from my adorable apartment. Heaven!
  • I have a pool, a blow up floaty chair, a favorite bikini and the best spray-on sunblock in the world. What more could a girl ask for?
  • I might not be able to travel as much as I want, but I’m blessed with friends all over the world—J. in Connecticut, A. in Australia, R. in New York, S. in Argentina and all of my fabulous friends up and down the California coast.
  • E. is the sweetest girl I know. I love her to pieces.
  • L. makes work fly by in a fun and stylish blur. I couldn’t do it without her!
  • T. is my go-to source for gossip, celebrity news, fitness tips and hilarious antics. She’s the best when you need a laugh!
  • S. is the cartoon-doodling, farmer’s-market-attending, dinner-party-hosting, lost-on-Stanford’s-campus, exiled-in-the-suburbs bedrock of my sanity. I adore her, and I’m so grateful we live in the same city!
  • Last but not least, tonight I will be lucky enough to spend one more night living it up with my best friend before she moves away! I can’t wait to see her and wish her luck one last time. She’s going to be amazing out there!

There’s so much more that I feel grateful for, but I won’t bore you with the details. It will suffice to say that even though I don’t want to say goodbye to dear friends, I’m always a little broke and I’m already in the negative zone for my vacation time this year, I live a charmed life!


Feeling like life is blessed thanks to The Gratitude Challenge.

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