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Love It: San Francisco

August 13, 2009

I’m currently reading San Francisco Stories, a collection of short stories from famous writers that’s about San Francisco—the people, the places, the culture and the climate.

The writers vary in their descriptions, with some madly in love with the Bay and others claiming that there’s nothing worth seeing except for the city’s stock exchange. But as a Bay-area transplant who has lived here for over a year, I can’t help but feel that same tingle that Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas and Amy Tan describe when they write about San Francisco.

loveithateit-katiePhoto by the Ever-Talented Filmphile Manus Chau

Like the city’s famous fog that crawls over fences and wafts into open windows, there’s a contagious energy in San Francisco that can’t be contained, defined or restrained. That’s why it is always home to hippies, beatniks, social revolutionaries, writers, authors and poets. You walk down the street and feel a sense of history, a little bit of mystery and the utmost certainty that something exciting is around the next corner.

I love San Diego to the core, but there’s something gritty and artistic and fabulous about San Francisco that’s stolen a piece of my heart. I’ve managed to fall in love with it without even noticing.

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  1. luke permalink
    November 16, 2009 8:55 am

    love it.


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