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Love it: Eggs on a Sunday

August 9, 2009

Look let’s face it.  The best cure for a Saturday night out with good friends isn’t asprin or extra water.  It’s eggs.

Back in the day when I lived in NYC, Sunday brunch was a ritual practiced by all walks – bowing down at the temple of the egg trifecta:  eggs benedict, huevos rancheros and the omelet.  Without this Sunday tradition practice (along with reading the Times or even better, the NY Post), you were a Nobody – drifting around, in a daze, probably barefoot.  In NYC?  Gross.  It is so simple people: get thee some eggs.

For those who couldn’t spare the time to eat a 3 hour meal beginning at 1pm on Sunday, there was always the ready quick fix from the corner deli:  the egg sandwich (on a roll, not an english muffin).  Every deli serves this.  And there’s a deli on every corner right next to Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts/Duane Reed/Place to buy cigarettes.  A little egg sando plus a mini cup of coffee and you could find yourself back on your (non barefoot) feet in no time.

This morning, following a night out, T. and I hoofed it down to the farmers market to buy fruit and graze our way through the market (peaches, chocolate, nuts and then loitering around the naan wrap stand and completely missing the falaffel guy) when it dawned on us that maybe we should actually eat a meal.  And eggs it was!

One giant egg and potato burrito the size of my head and one healthy teeny egg and sausage wrap later and it was obv:  eggs were the cornerstone of our Sunday.  Life could now move on – a ray of sunlight appeared, angels played harps, Beyonce sang “Halo,” and everyone felt better, inspired, complete.

So there you have it guys:  eggs are the answer on a Sunday.  LOVE IT.  As for Monday mornings –  nothing solves that problem.

one of the trifecta.  thanks for the pic, wikipedia.

one of the trifecta. thanks for the pic, wikipedia.

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  1. T. permalink*
    August 9, 2009 9:38 pm

    I loved my wrap! Btw, it was HOMEMADE TURKEY sausage–must define or it won’t sound as awesomely healthy as it was.

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