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Love it! The Farmer’s Market: A Single Girl’s Best Friend

August 2, 2009

This morning I spent an hour wandering around one of the farmer’s markets in Palo Alto, which is hands down my favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning.

Farmer's Market 2

Every stall was full of beautiful, organic produce that was all grown locally, and with live music, charismatic vendors and attractive people mingling around, the farmer’s markets have become almost like a family-friendly version of Friday night at your favorite wine bar.

Not only is the farmer’s market scene fun, I scored armfuls of fresh fruits, veggies, breads and cheeses all for under $30 to boot.

Plus, one of my favorite things about going is that you don’t have to buy a massive head of freakish, mutant-sized Safeway lettuce or a zucchini that looks like a pepper grinder—everything is perfectly sized for an individual eater (the way God and the sustainable farmer intended it).

PA Farmer's Market

As a result, I’m confident that I will eat all of the fruits and veg I bought before they go bad, and I only had to spend a measly $15 more at Trader Joe’s to get rice, pasta and meat to accompany them. That’s $45 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week!

And even if you don’t cook regularly, you can ask the adorable vendors for advice about how to prepare their goods—they are usually bizarrely passionate about eggplant, spring onions or whatever else they are selling.

All in all, I think any single girl would benefit from regularly visiting a local farmer’s market. It’s better for your health, the environment and even your local economy, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch the eye of that cute guy who is oogling the strawberries…

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