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Hate It: Gnarly Rentals

August 2, 2009

I used to own my own house.  Actually, I still do, except that it’s in San Diego and I’m in the Bay Area.  So, obviously, I’m not living in it.  Instead, my husband and I are AMAZING (if I don’t say so myself) landlords that try to give our renters the best place they can have.

So, here I am in, in the Bay Area, back to renting.  Renting is a miserable curse on society, at least in California.  Rents are so inflated that if you want to live in anything aside from an apartment community or rotted-out house, you have to pay $3000+.

Today I found myself roaming through a house with wallpaper circa 1970 and a completely dead, dirt-filled backyard that looks like it hasn’t seen water in ages.  There were also mirrored walls around every turn and MAYBE 2 windows in the entire house.  Rental price:  $3000 + all utilities.  Are you kidding me?


Yesterday I visited a house that was actually quite beautiful, but the landlord lived below it.  Literally, he lived in the studio underneath and attached to the house.  He made it very clear that he hates the following things:  Children, dogs, cats, large furniture, having a grill because the grease might drip on the patio, spending money to change bright orange carpeting because it was expensive one day back in 1985, deer and realtors.  No matter how great the house, the view or the price was, I can’t live with a landlord like that.  Literally, live with.

craigsThis is not a joke.

So here I am, ready to shield a 25 mile commute because there is nowhere to live that is livable.  Renting:  HATE IT.

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