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Love it! Lazy Saturdays

August 1, 2009

Sometimes when I roll out of bed at noon, throw on a bikini, and walk the ten steps it takes to lie by the pool with my new favorite book, I think about how glad I am that I live by myself, don’t have a husband, baby or pet and have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing whenever I want to.

Some people seem to be afraid to be by themselves, but I think there’s a huge benefit to living alone. Not only can you walk around completely naked whenever you feel like it, you can set your own schedule and change it whenever you damn well please.

You can decorate and redecorate as you see fit. You can watch, read, and listen to whatever you want. You can come home at 8am the next day without having to explain anything to anyone. You can even clean like a maniac and no one will judge you for loving the smell of a bleach-scrubbed bathroom.

At no time in my single life do I appreciate these simple pleasures quite as much as on a lazy Saturday. Definitely a love it!


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